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Based on our experience since december 1967 and our reputation, coupled with our commitment to quality (our plants are ISO 9001:2015 / EN 9100:2018/ AQAP 2120 Ed.D certified), has allowed us to be recognized as a major supplier by renowned industrial groups in various sectors including the Automotive industry, Electrotechnics and Electrical Appliances as well as to create a network of partner-customers within specialized distribution.

Versatility is a force

Our production unit allows us to offer customized technical solutions that meet our customers' needs. This know-how makes us a key player in the Industry.

We also offer additional items such as tools, blind rivet nuts, screws, cable ties and other turned and stamped parts, rolled items that have made our reputation in specialized Distribution.

High-performance services

Our important product stock (10,000 references), our reactivity and our flexibility are some of our major assets.
Our company delivers perfectly adapted, high-quality solutions either directly off-plan or through an analysis of our customers' technical specifications.
Shipping is fast, and after-sales service is readily available and includes the continued supply of old spare parts.


More than 55 years of experience
More than 40 persons at your service
15 to manage our Wholesale customers
8,3 M euros of annual turnover
20% of sales in export
2 French Production Units
1 warehouse & sales force in Spain



Initialization of our CSR approach
An approach that we regularly improve. 



All Industrial Products Manufacturing facility specialized in solid, tubular and semi-tubular rivets.


CREATION OF 4FFrench Cold-Forming Factory Manufacturing facility specialized in blind rivets



in the Fastener field



The main activity was the trade of metallurgical products


Our commitment to quality

The durability of our company rests on the quality of our production, which is an essential condition for our success.
This not only concerns our rivet production, but also all of our company's different activities.
In order to constantly improve quality within our company, we have put in place different means to meet our customers' expectations, and to analyze and fix potential mistakes.

Our quality policy relies on:

  • customer satisfaction,
  • our company's results and performance,
  • staff motivation.

Plants certification

Our commitment to "Sustainable Development"

  • Optimizing resource consumption
    (consumables, electricity, water, overheads...)

  • Encouraging local businesses
    (suppliers, subcontractors, shipping...)

  • Making employees' well-being a central concern for the company

  • Organizing systematic recycling of wastes
     (through constant improvement of waste-sorting processes)

  • Encouraging suppliers and subcontractors who follow our Sustainable Development charter

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of Sustainable Development (customers, suppliers, coworkers...)


DEGOMETAL is located in the heart of Eco-Vallée-Plaine du Var - 1st National Interest Project (OIN) dedicated to sustainable development

DEGOMETAL participates in the preservation of biodiversity, by supporting the LPA (League for the Protection of Bees and Pollinators).